Control decimal places for "Show percentage (by series)

When using “Show percentage (by series)”, I would like to control the number of decimal places rendered in the chart. Looks like 2DP is the default.


Hi @olammas

Thanks a lot for your feedback; we really appreciate it.
I completely agree that it would be awesome if our users could have more control over the decimal places for “Show percentage (by series).” It would definitely make their chart-building experience much smoother.
In all honesty, I must admit this setting was created a while back and it’s starting to show its age. While I can’t make any promises at this moment, I want to share that we’re actively considering a revamp in the near future. Hopefully, we can incorporate a feature like this in a future version of Holistics.

Your input is super important in shaping our platform’s future, and we’re dedicated to making Holistics even better. Thank you for your understanding during this time :blush:

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