Connecting to a MS SQL Server Named Instance

Can I sense check something please?

I’m struggling to connect to a few MS SQL Servers I’ve been provided with access to.

These Servers are all named instances, eg hostname\instance_name , (but am told it’s still on the default 1433 port).
I’m working with our platform team to make sure it’s all configured correctly, but should there be any reason we can’t connect to a named instance / is there a particular way to connect to these?

By default SQL Server listens on TCP port number 1433, and for named instances TCP port is dynamically configured. There are several options available to get the listening port for SQL Server Instance.

SQL Server – Finding TCP Port Number SQL Instance is Listening on | SQL Server Port | Sql And Me

For named instances, the port should be dynamically configured, so you need to follow the guide above to find the port. Once you have found the port, you can try to connect normally, for example:

Update 1: The host shouldn’t include the instance name

Update 2: Since the ports will be changed every time the server is rebooted, to avoid this issue in the future, you can try to assign static ports for named instances following this guide Configure a Server to Listen on a Specific TCP Port - SQL Server | Microsoft Docs

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Awesome, thank you - I’ll work through it with our platform team!

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Most products in this space support server\instance as the host. Are you saying Holistics cannot support server\instance name as the server/host name?