Command Palette

Our team members are considering building a Command Palette, which helps users search and execute commands using keyboard only (thus needless to move hands to another device ie. mouse or to touch the screen).

Some typical examples of Command Palette are on macOS, VS Code, Obsidian, Slack, etc.

What do you think about having a Command Palette on Holistics?

  • Will a Command Palette help to improve work productivity on Holistics?
  • When would you opt for using Command Palette?
  • What are the must-have criteria for a good Command Palette?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this.

Personally this would be well behind other features which could be fleshed out.

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Hi @Alex_H,

Very glad to hear from you.

Command Palette is on our experiments pipeline, which is independent from core features as in Holistics Product Roadmap.

If you have any priorities in mind, please share with us on Feature Suggestions or bump up topics of high relevance.


I would agree with Alex here.

I think this would be a “nice to have” feature but would certainly not provide the value that other things that have been mentioned previously would.

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Hi community,

We’re glad to let you know that Command Palette is available in Holistics.

Check it out here: :keyboard: Launched: Holistics Keyboard Experience