Change underlying table of a model

Is it possible to modify the underlying table of a model? We have an adjusted table that has the same metadata as the original one. We want to point the model to this new table.


Hi @raulcruzv,

Got your case here. For now, in Holistics 3.0 we don’t have a built-in way to support switching source table for data models.

That said, Holistics support team can help you switching it from our side, on an ad-hoc basis. So feel free to submit a ticket form, with details of your intention.

Actually, let me create a ticket on your behalf, @raulcruzv. Our team will follow up with you there :+1:

We already struggled with the same issue in my team.
I think this is a feature you should put some priority on :eyes:

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Hi Jordan @Jordan_Peltier!

Thank you for sharing your struggles with us!

Just as my teammate Vu mentioned above, in version 3.0, we support changing the underlying tables of models on an ad-hoc basis upon receiving requests from customers. If you’d like a more hands-off solution, we warmly suggest considering a migration to our 4.0 version.

Let me know if you have any other feedback!