Change the source of a Report. Dashboard

Is there a way to replicate a report and/or a dashboard, but then change the source dataset?

We have multiple datasets, which are structurally the same but sourced from different systems. We’d like to be able to create a set of dashboards once, but then replicate for the other datasets.


Hi @david-ri, thank you for the question.
Could you help me to clarify a bit here? Basically, you have multiple datasets (same structure, but pointing to different data sources).
And you want to have a set of dashboards (same structure, but sourcing from different datasets)?

Am I understanding you correctly? Could you share a little bit more about the use case?

Correct, perhaps think of it as Client 1, Client 2; same data structure, different source systems

Correct - we want to create a set of reports/dashboards (or even better, a set of template dashboards), and then replicate them for each client without having to build them from scratch.

Imagine we’ve built 3 dashboards for client 1, replicated for client 2. Then client 3 comes along and we want to give them the same dashboards.
I can easily replicate the data models in AML and change the source connections. But I can’t seem to replicate a dashboard, and then change the source dataset.


Hello, I’m having the same issue.
I have a dashboard on dev env. Now I want a version on staging env, so I clone the dev dashboard, but I cannot change the dataset/data source of the clone to staging data (both dev and stage data is exactly the same schema, they are just in different env).

Is there any existing solution for this? @Khai_To

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Hi @Quang_Ng,

Source of a report in a dashboard is a Dataset. But currently, we don’t support changing the dataset of a report.
That source dataset (of a report) refer directly to a dataset in the modeling layer.

With that being said, when changing the source of the Dataset in the modeling layer, all the Reports, Filters, etc. in the Dashboard created from that Dataset will be changed accordingly.

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Can I request for a feature to change the dataset of reports in the future?
Is Holistics 4.0 able to config reports as code?

I will add this to backlog for future consideration. Thanks Quang :grin:

This is part of our future plan. I will let you know when there is an update :grin:

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