Change the source of a Report. Dashboard

Is there a way to replicate a report and/or a dashboard, but then change the source dataset?

We have multiple datasets, which are structurally the same but sourced from different systems. We’d like to be able to create a set of dashboards once, but then replicate for the other datasets.

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Hi @david-ri, thank you for the question.
Could you help me to clarify a bit here? Basically, you have multiple datasets (same structure, but pointing to different data sources).
And you want to have a set of dashboards (same structure, but sourcing from different datasets)?

Am I understanding you correctly? Could you share a little bit more about the use case?

Correct, perhaps think of it as Client 1, Client 2; same data structure, different source systems

Correct - we want to create a set of reports/dashboards (or even better, a set of template dashboards), and then replicate them for each client without having to build them from scratch.

Imagine we’ve built 3 dashboards for client 1, replicated for client 2. Then client 3 comes along and we want to give them the same dashboards.
I can easily replicate the data models in AML and change the source connections. But I can’t seem to replicate a dashboard, and then change the source dataset.