Cant view Dashboard in Notion

Hi Team/s! Looking for advice. We are looking to use an holistics dashboard in Notion to help our teams reporting. When we try to embed the url into Notion pages, we only we the secure link and not the dashboard. Is a setting we can add or turn on to help view the asset rather than the link.

Any ideas to help?

Hey @Grant_Orchard

May I ask if you copied and pasted a shareable link to your dashboard, or dashboard’s embed link into Notion?

yes - did all of that. Also created a HTML file with the embed code and key in the URL as mentioned in your documentation, but nothing still doesn’t display the asset.

Hi again - So we are still getting this error from Notion. We we thought we would try Hex notebook and publish the notebook into Notion. We are still getting blocked even with using embed code and secret keys, no joy! We tried HTML iframe code and python code from Embed settings.

Are the more settings we can look into to help display the asset?

Hi Grant,

Sorry to hear about the troubles.

To investigate the issue more effectively, we would like to take a closer look at your exact setup.
Would you mind sending an email to [email protected] that includes the following details?

  • The final generated iframe URL
  • The embed_code of your Dashboard
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Update: We have found the error in the embedding codes.
It should have been https:// instead of hhttp://

All sorted and thank you for the help me! Really appreciate the support (even afterhours)!!

Yes the code was causing some issues due to incorrect syntax.

Also, I would help if the documentation could also updated for the embedding code (Python) in the embed sandbox settings where the code is located to include the print(dashboard_url) to get the embed link. Thank you Dat for sharing that with me, I updated my teams and internal documentation to include this step.

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