Can you Hide Widget Filters?


I am building some dashboards for a few external clients.
I will need to either build filtered tables for each client or work off of master tables.

I would prefer to use the master tables and just change filter identifiers to make these dashboards easier to recreate.

Is there anyway to hide Widget Filters so that in a shared view people cannot hover the filter icon to see internal IDs and other sensitive information?

Creating new tables may be the solution but figured I would ask the community first!

hi @Stephen_Motherwell
You can try the below settings in any Shareable Links or Embedded Links:

  • Permission Settings: It allows you to restrict report data for each link generated: Shareable Links | Holistics Docs
  • Hide filters: Viewers cannot see these filters

For example, here I create a master e-commerce dashboards for users from different countries:

However, I want to create an external link for viewers from the US only:

  • They are only allowed to see the US data; and
  • I don’t want them to filter by Status

As a result, in the Shareable Link, the viewers can only see US data and cannot see the Status filter anymore:

I hope my answer helps you :blush:

Very Helpful!

I did not notice the permission options by link, but that is amazing and makes my life A LOT easier!


hi @Stephen_Motherwell I’m glad that it’s helpful for u :blush: Feel free to let us know if you need further support :blush: