Can Business Calculation compare strings like "like" in SQL?

I would like to use the Business Calculation feature when creating a report and create a column that determines if a particular column contains a string that I specify.
Is this feasible?


■database: book

id name

1 book A
2 book B
3 book AB

■Business Calculation
・field label: contain A
When: book like ‘A’, then: ’true’,
else: ‘false’

id name containA

1 bookA true
2 bookB false
3 bookAB true

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Hi @iwakami,

For now we don’t have a plan to support like() function in the Business Calculation but we may consider supporting it with our AQL Expression.

Is there an update for LIKE “%xxxxx%”. I have many requests to use our website URL to count page_views metric for ‘blogs’ or ‘magazine’ mentioned in the URL. So I would like to see 2 lines one for blog , one for magazine. Is there a way to use the function LIKE or CONTAINS maybe?

Hi @Grant_Orchard,

BizCal is deprecated in favor of AQL, so we won’t adding new features for it.

This case is already supported by AQL though. Here is how you can do that.

count( | where(page_views.path ilike "%blogs%")
count( | where(page_views.path ilike "%magazine%")

Example on Playground

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WORKED!! thank you so much!! this will now open more doors for Data Viz requests.

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