Bulk editing users

I’ve got a big surge of users coming and beyond setting them up one by one I also have to set attributes and add to groups. I saw the line “Allow Admins to invite multiple users” which I’m guessing will help at some point whenever it’s live but is there anything w/in the current functionality that can help make bulk user changes? e.g. import a prepopulated csv?

Which kind of editing actions are you referring to @sm_mk? It would be great if you could share with us your real use case, so that we can understand it properly :blush:

Sure, in a few weeks I expect to have upwards of 200 users coming who don’t currently have access to holistics. I’d like to be able to bulk add them and, since some will need a different set of values for each attribute, bulk assign groups/attributes if possible. As it stands now I’ll have to type in the user’s name and email to add, then assign them to a group, then assign an attribute value if needed that’s not one at a group level.

Hi @sm_mk
The upcoming release will help enhance your experience when inviting users only:

  • You can invite multiple users at the same time. We also allow you to copy and paste a list to the email address box.
  • You can bulk assign them to the user groups during the invitation time.

For the following requests, we’ll add them to our backlog:

  • Bulk add user attributes during the invitation time
  • Bulk edit users (after invitation)

And will let you know if there is any further update on it :blush:


YES!!! thank you. Any ETA cause this is great timing. Now I’m wondering if the bug where you change email addresses is still there :melting_face:

hi @sm_mk we expect to release it in the next 1-1.5 months. We’ll post an announcement here when it’s available :wink:
btw can you share with us more detail about the email address bug?

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Sure, the post is below. Basically if you change the email address of a user and resend the invite, it’s still going to the old email address. you have to delete the user and recreate them. Not sure if it’s been fixed yet.

Hi Mike, I’ve just replied you in this topic. Feel free to let us know if you need further support :blush:

hi @sm_mk
We have just released a new update of our user invite flow. You can read more about it here: Launched: Able to invite multiple users at the same.

Hope it helps :blush: