Are AQL dimensions possible yet?


I tried to create an AQL dimension directly in a dataset as shown in the documentation below but it did not show in preview.

Is it implemented yet are is it a future feature?

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Hi @dacou,

Since the AQL Dimension must belong to a specific model in the Dataset, you will find that Dimension under the corresponding model that you specified in your AQL Dimension

For example, if the AQL Dimension is

dimension acquired_at {
    model: users
    label: 'Acquired At'
    type: 'datetime'
    description: '''
      This is the year when users place their first order
      Users who haven't made any orders will be counted as potential customers
        and placed in the next year cohort
    definition: @aql 
        | min(orders.created_at | year())
        | exact_grains(

Then that Dimension will be under the model users

I can’t manage to make it work. I get no error from holistics but the dimension does not show up in preview.
Can it be linked to our use of modules ?

  dimension nb_images {
    model: models.dim_date
    label: 'AQL Nb Images'
    type: 'number'
    description: ''

    definition: @aql 
        | count_distinct(models.fct_dlv_kube_image_deployment.kid_image_tag_cd)
        | exact_grains(models.dim_date.dat_date_dt)

Hi @dacou,

I have just tested it again and confirm that the AQL Dimension doesn’t show up if the Model is in a Module.

This is an oversight from our side and I have added a task to fix it. We will let you know when the fix is done.

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Hi @dacou,
Our team has deployed the fix so our AQL Dimension in Modules should be working normally now.
Could you help us to check it again on your side to see if the issue persists?