API to List Dashboards

We’d love to be able to use the API to pull out a list of available dashboards. From reading the documentation, this isn’t currently available - are there plans to support this in the future?

Hey @david-ri, what information of these dashboards would you like to pull out? Also, can you share why you want to get this?

We’re creating a web application to host embedded Holistics dashboards. Not all dashboards that are created will be made visible to the end user. Ultimately, we want the owners (probably the analysts) to be able to see a list of available dashboards via the web application, hopefully with the intention that they can then ‘toggle’ a dashboard to be visible to the end user without an engineer needing to add the iframe individually for each dashboard.

This likely requires more than just being able to list the dashboards from the API (but also being able to enable embedded and grab the secret key via the API as well I would imagine).

I see, @david-ri!
So essentially, it’s the ability to embed all the available dashboards on your web app at once, along with the ability to toggle visibility on/off for each dashboard.
And the main challenge here is to give the Analysts more control over the embeds’ visibility, as well as minimize Engineer’s effort in embedding/maintaining, is it correct? Plz help correct me if I miss anything.

Hey @david-ri,
I’ve been looking into your request, and had a few follow-ups to clarify it:

(1) As far as I understand:

  • You’re now hosting our embedded dashboards in your own web app. However, not all the dashboards are shown to the end users in your app (For example, you embed dashboard A, B and C to your app, but only make A and B visible to the users).
  • Now in your app, you want the owners of embedded links to be able to view a list of available embedded dashboards (-> main request)
  • Additionally, it would be great if they are allowed to show/hide the embedded dashboards in your app as well (-> side request).

Pls correct me if I missed anything.

(2) If that’s correct, just want to confirm how you meant by “available” in “a list of available embedded dashboards”? Does it mean “all embedded dashboards”, or “all embedded dashboards that are visible to the end users”?

Our use case is slightly different that David’s.

We are looking to have better documentation around our data pipelines. We use dbt and are looking to include exposures as part of the lineage graph that is available as part of the dbt docs website. We would like to be able to list all dashboards that we have within Holistics, and then see which datasets they depend on, which models they include and down to which tables those models are built upon (if not a Query model). Then we can build this lineage from source to destination and have our engineers correctly identify the impact of changes on models and ensure things are updated correctly.

Hi everyone, thank you for sharing your case.
So in brief:

  1. @david-ri is looking for an API listing out all embedded dashboards, so that you can manage them via your own web application. In addition, it would be great if you can independently decide whether this dashboard is shown to end users via API.

  2. While @DataGeekDude and @Jordan_Peltier want to have a graph of dependencies, and API to list dashboard (and to get upstream dependencies) will help you solve it.

May I check if I understood your points correctly?

@di.hoang yes pretty much.

I think the overall point is that if you have an API to get a single item, you should also have an API to list all the items of that type that are available. i.e. at the moment, I wouldn’t know how to pull down details of a single Dashboard programatically as I can’t list what dashboards are available.

The graph of dependencies adds to this, allowing someone to get details of a dashboard but also understand which datasets and which models that dashboard depends on. Then you can get details of each of them to properly understand the dependencies.

Hi team,
I’d like to share with you that our team is actively developing an API to list all available dashboards, which can serve the case of @DataGeekDude and @Jordan_Peltier.
For the embedded case of @david-ri, I’ll add your request to our backlog and keep you updated if we develop an API for it. Thank you for your patience and understanding :smile:

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Hey @david-ri and @DataGeekDude,

Thank you for your patience :pray:

We are excited to inform you that the API to list down all dashboard is now available at Holistics API | Holistics Docs :rocket:. So now you can now easily list down all dashboards and their own relevant information aka metadata for your own creative purposes. Hope you enjoy it. Cheers!