API to list all dashboards does not list personal dashboards


It seems that the API that lists all dashboards does not retrieve personal dashboards from all users if they are not shared with the API key owner.
Am I right ?

I have a deprecated dataset that I can’t remove because Holistics tells me there is a report using it somewhere and I can’t find it… I was hoping to use this API to track it.

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Hi @dacou,

What you said is correct!
The List dashboards API does not list dashboards which the API key owner doesn’t have access to. Which means the API key owner (i.e. you) cannot see:

  • Private dashboards of other users that are NOT shared with you
  • Public dashboards that you don’t have permission to.

This is so that API usage aligns with our Private objects policies.

That said, for your use-case to remove unused datasets that have report dependencies, please feel free to contact our Support team for verifying & creating a report for such information. Cheers! :beers: