API service account vs Holistics licence consumption


I had to create a technical user in Holistics with only API access in order to automate some technical tasks (dbt manifest update for instance). This user will never use Holistics but will still consume 1 holistics licence. Is there a way around that ?

Best regards,

Hi Damien!
From the license perspective, you will still need a dedicated user to use their API. Do you have any other API use-case for this service account user besides updating the dbt manifest file currently, or in the foreseeable future?

Currently that’s the only task in scope. It does not seem optimal to use a 12$/month licence just for this task :sweat_smile:
Would it be possible to have API-only users that would not consume licences ?

Hi Damien, I see. Indeed using a license just for uploading the dbt manifest file does not feel worth it if I were in your position too.

Our current billing/pricing system is not built to differentiate by user roles, and we also don’t have a way to setup user roles with only service accounts currently. This makes it difficult for us to support this use-case, and it may not be in our immediate priority to implement this in our forward looking roadmap. I agree with you this current setup is not ideal, but hope to get your understanding on this in the meantime.

Would you mind sharing on why it’s important for you to use a service account instead of a user account to upload the manifest? Were there any incidents or issues that arise from using an admin API account? I have some general presumptions about why that’s necessary, but thought of clarifying with you to confirm in case I was off.

PS: It’s in our vision to support both as-code and APIs as first class citizen. So hopefully we would be able to let your service account do more work in the future instead of just being restricted to this single task.