API call to deploy to production

Currently, we do code review in gitlab and then merge feature branch changes into master. However, merging into the remote master branch does not trigger a production deployment in Holistics. Furthermore, if I go into Holistics, I can’t switch to the master branch at all. So, I’ve gotten into the habit of manually merging master into another branch (e.g., deploy) after merging an MR. Then, I go into Holistics, switch to the deploy branch, pull from remote, and then finally deploy to production.

I could probably simplify this a bit by changing gitlab so we merged into deploy by default instead of master. However, what I’d really like is to be able to trigger a deployment to production right after an MR is merged.

So I’d like to request an API endpoint that would allow me to have Holistics pull from the remote master branch in order to deploy to production. With an API call I could add that step to our CI process.

Hi @SterlingParamoreMSE, thanks for your suggestion.

I think your use case totally makes sense and it’s something that we included in our backlog to improve experience for our As-code layer.
I also believe this could be done by either exposing API (for Deployment) or supporting Webhook.