Announcement: Business Calculation Transition to Legacy Status

Hello Holistics Community,

We want to update you about an important change regarding our Business Calculation feature.

Overview of Business Calculation

Although Business Calculation has allowed users to define quick and ad-hoc calculations within their datasets, it is limited in functionality, making it difficult to extend for advanced use cases (like cross-model calculation, data grouping, or percent of total).

Therefore, our team has decided to invest in building AQL Expression as a more powerful and scalable replacement.

What This Means

  • Business Calculation is now a Legacy feature and we will no longer develop new features or improvements for it.
  • It will remain available only for users who have already been using it.
    • Starting April 19, 2024, it will be turned off for new users and those who haven’t used it previously.

Therefore, if you’re using Business Calculation and they are essential to your workflow, don’t worry—they’re still functional for you.

Important Notes

  • Existing users can still use Business Calculation and create new calculations within its current capabilities.
  • Support will be limited to legacy use cases; no further enhancements will be made.
  • We recommend transitioning to AQL for a more powerful and scalable experience. For details, check out the AQL Community Post.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support!

Holistics Team