Allow for dynamic URL links to created and be clicked on dimensions

It is sometimes helpful to provide a dynamic URL link in result of a query on a table visualisation - e.g. when drilling down to a specific order, rather than copy the result and paste it into another browser tab, you could click it and be given the option of opening the actual order in a browser-based business system.

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Hi Alex,

I’m Tan from the Holistics team. I believe you can achieve what you want by creating a custom dimension like this:

This dimension will return a link dynamically based on any logic you want for your URL.
Here is how it would look like in a table.


Thanks Tan! While the above definitely works, it means you need to add the extra URL column which provides the raw URL - suggestion was more to be able to have a link directly within an existing dimension field - something like this:


Thank you for your suggestion, we’ll definitely add that to our list of potential improvements. As for this specific case, I think you can use our HTML format to display the ID as a clickable link.
For example, this field will looks like this with the HTML format:

CONCAT('<a target="_blank" href="', {{ }}, '">', {{ }}, '</a>')