Allow custom domain for email report delivery

Currently, we can set a ‘Sent From’ email address, which we’ve setup as [email protected] .

However, what this does is ‘spoof’ our domain, and as a result the emails end up in our Spam group.
I’ve asked our network admin to prevent this, but this will only work internally - anything we email out to external users will still end up in their Junk folder.

Instead, it would be better if we could actually have our own domain used for sending emails, which would prevent our emails being flagged as Spam

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Thanks for the feedback. Let me raise this with our engineers right now. I will get back to you in a few days.


Hi David,

I discussed this with our team and there are two ways to work around this issue:
(1) You can have your recipient whitelist our email address
(2) Or you can keep the sender email unchanged, and change your sender’s name for best recognizability.

I know either way is as preferable as being able to configure and use your own domain in an authenticated fashion.

I have notified our team about your feedback and will let you know (and everyone here!) as soon as we have a plan to support it.

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Thanks Tuan, we’re using 1) for now, which does work for internal, but will work less for external clients. 2) is an option, but again because we have ambitions of sharing some of the output with our clients, it would be good if we can make it clear who is sending them the info.

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