Adding % of Total column

hi, Is it possible to create a column with the % of overall total. eg. showcase ‘city’ and ‘active users’ and then have a column with the % overall total?

Hi Grant,

Is this what you’re looking for: Calculate Percent of Total | Holistics Docs?

I did see this, but I was hoping for a simpler solution - Will a look at the work around.

I did see this page (aql: % of total) was hoping this would work, but per usual need to work on a work around.

Hi @Grant_Orchard,

Since AQL is still in its beta mode so I have not enabled it for everyone.
However, I have just enabled AQL for your account so now you can feel free to follow our docs (aql: % of total) to create % Over Total.

Do note that AQL is enabled on the Dataset level so you would need to incorporate a version flag in your dataset definition as: __engine__: 'aql' .

Please follow our document here Enabling AQL | Holistics Docs for more details