Adding input field (action) to the table for saving back data to DWH


As a business user when I monitor the progress of a given topic, I would like to specify a target or have a way to assign a value (numerical) to the topic from the report and save it back into DWH so I can use that as a reference in other part of the report.

Possible use case

I’m tracking user registration per department for a service and I need to present the monthly progress of registration to the regional managers of the department against a target. This target can be set/modified on the report manually for each department to set a quarterly goal to achieve. In this way I could use one report to clearly show actual progress and desired targets.

A possible solution could be

Adding a trigger action to the model which appears as an input field (or as a button giving a pop-up as input field by pressing it) when represented as table on the dashboard for each row. The action would make a call to an endpoint like GCF and the value of the input filed along with the data from the row can be sent as payload so the GCF can use it from the request to persist it into a DWH like BQ. After refreshing the data on the reporting side the new value added to the table is used and displayed on the report where it is referenced.