Add to date filter: Last Complete (Week, Month, Year)

Hi, something that was useful with Looker was to be able to filter on date with Last Complete Week, Month, Year. This way it’s easy to build dash board that always have the correct data within it.

Hi @Robin_Kanerva,

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If I understand correctly, you would like the filter to only include complete time units such as weeks, months, or years, while excluding incomplete periods.

The current behavior of Holistics filters aligns with this requirement. For example, when you filter for last 3 months, by default, if today is June 15th, you will receive data for March, April, May, and no data for June. We also offer the option ‘Up to now / Up to today’ to include the incomplete period.

For more detailed information, please refer to our documentation on this topic: Date Filters | Holistics Docs

Hope this helps!