Add thresholds/targets to metrics sheets

It would be great if I could add a threshold or target to each metric in the metric sheet, so that numbers that are above or below show in a distinct way.

For example, daily users threshold is set to 500, each value in this row shows up blue if <500 and green if >=500. This is really just conditional formatting but with a condition set per metric.

Hi @jemima,
May I confirm that if we support the conditional formatting for Metric Sheet (similar to Table/Pivot), it can solve your case?

Ah I hadn’t played with pivots yet, but yes, that seems like it would work well for metrics sheets too.

Hi @jemima
At the moment, we haven’t had any plan to support the conditional formatting for metric sheet in this year. We are really sorry for that.
However, we agree that it would be a helpful feature and will wait for more inputs from other customers. If many users upvote for this feature, we might consider supporting it next year.
Thank you for your patience and understanding :blush: