Add the ability visualize the First/Last N results based on sort order for non-tabular visualizations


As per the docs “For non-tabular visualizations, the sort is applied after the row limit, therefore the final result is the first/last N items of the partial dataset, which is unlikely the correct result.”

This is a shame as viewing the First/Last N results in a bar chart would be very useful!


Hi @olammas

Thanks for the feature suggestion! Please share me more details about your use case. Specifically, I’m interested in what sort of analysis you’re in need right now that would make First/Last N results in a bar chart very useful? :smile:

Hi @minhthanh3145 :wave:

An example would be where I have the count or sum of a certain number of events by category. There are many categories, and I want to focus on the top 10 categories, for example. I can do this in a table viz, but I can get a sense of the magnitude of difference between those top categories using bars. This can be informative for prioritization purposes.

Let me know if that covers it. Happy to provide more details!


I realized I forgot to get back to you, sorry about that @olammas :sweat_smile: . Thanks for the clarification on your use case. It makes sense. We have Top/Bottom N Filters currently but not applicable to visualizations yet.

We’re adding this to our backlog for processing and will keep you to date on any new developments. Cheers!

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Hi @olammas, I actually did several attempts to tackle the problem you described, and I think our Bottom/Top N filters can address this use case

Please refer to the Gif below. I am grouping the number of users by category, and then apply the Top N Filter in the Condition section.


Let me know if that’s helpful to you!