Able to quickly delete items with dependencies

Right now, if you want to delete a data source, you can’t if there are any dependencies. You need to first delete all reports, then all datasets, then all relationships, and then all models that pull from that data source. On one hand, it’s really nice to know that it’s virtually impossible to delete things with dependencies - it gives great piece of mind and protects against user error. However, it’d be nice if there was a way to - with the proper admin privileges’, checks, triple checks, etc., you could delete a data source and do a cascade delete on any dependent objects. Not a huge deal because most enterprises aren’t commonly deleting data sources, but when you do it’s a big pain!


Hi @Mark_Rafferty Thank you for sharing your case
I agree that it would enhance your experience in Holistics if we can support a more convenient way to delete items having dependencies.
I’ll add your request to our backlog, and let you know if we have any plan to solve it :blush:

Hi @Mark_Rafferty

In case you are familiar with API, you can massively delete objects and their dependencies with our new APIs here: Launched: API to get/delete objects and get object’s dependencies