Able to develop Data Modeling 4.0 locally

Hi team,
I’m developing Data Modeling 4.0, I faced some issues and I think they would be resolved easily by using my local development environment. Ex:

  • Search or replace a text in a whole project
  • Git operations: revert, resolve conflict, select files to commit,…
  • There’re some other features likes: command palette (Ex: Ctrl/Cmd + P to quickly open a file), split editor, dark mode,…

However, when using my local development environment (by using external git), I cannot see my AML’s result (data model, data set GUI, preview data,…). It would be great if there’s a way I could do it on my local.


Hi @tony_ng,

This is something that I have been pondering. I have talked with several engineers and some of them prefer local code editor to online editor because it ensures the flexibility, performance, and offline operation.

A scenario could be something like: you develop AML locally, preview the data, and validate your modeling locally (in VS Code) before pushing back to Holistics for BI, self-serve and dashboarding work.

This is definitely something that we will look into, thanks for your suggestion.


I think @david-ri would definitely look forward to something like this. Am I correct? :grin:

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Absolutely - We’ve got external git setup for our account. For casual day-to-day development/changes, using the Holistics UI is a great environment for our analyst teams (many of whom are new to this approach of working) .

For more ‘intensive’ changes, rolling something back, setting up a new client (where we want to bulk-replicate) etc, doing this in VS code is much easier.
Anything that expands on what we can do in VS Code (et al) is a great move in my opinion. (being able to work in VS Code also adds us some ‘credibility’ points with our dev team :wink: )