Ability to hide fields in UI view

When editing models in AML / Modelling 4.0 It would great to be able to hide specific fields from the UI view e.g.

We have a model with three fields a, b and c. We want to hide field a as it is a GUID and not useful for analysis.

At the moment I have to go into the AML code (switch to View as Code) and find the field and change (or add) the hidden property to true e.g.

  dimension a {
    label: 'a'
    type: 'text'
    hidden: true
    definition: @sql {{ #SOURCE.a }};;

It would be really useful, if this was present in the “UI” view, so when you edit the field there is a checkbox to be able to check and hide the field. This allows less technical users to hide fields rather than diving into AML which could be scary

Hi @DataGeekDude,

The option to hide field in the UI has been officially supported. You can refer to the image below for more details.

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Ah! Ok, I didn’t notice that. That’s great, thanks!

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@Khai_To I don’t see that option on my UI

I think this is why I was confused.

Hi @DataGeekDude,
Have you tried refresh the whole page?

Yes that done it! Thanks

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