👋 2023 September UX roundup

Welcome to our monthly UX roundup update! This month, we’ve cooked up more than 15 improvements to make your Holistics workflow and experience even better. Here are the UX updates for this month:


  • We’ve made several improvements to our Search & Command Palette, including adding an overlay background & simplifying the search results directory path to help you view the results more easily.

  • We fixed a bug in Cohort retention that made the field name disappear after switching to another chart.

  • In our Custom Chart, we made a small adjustment to help you add a new chart more easily.

  • The click area for the small delta tooltip is too small & made it hard to copy the value. We’ve fixed this issue.

  • For Data Alert Conditions, we’ve updated the mechanism to refresh the suggestions when updating the alert field.


  • Fixed a bug in Relationship where removing the ambiguous relationship path wouldn’t remove the error message.

  • Correct the issue where file diff couldn’t be viewed in AML Studio.

  • We’ve improved the loading message when loading data models and fixed a tiny typo on our AML homepage :see_no_evil:

  • Removed a redundant sort function in the AML table.

General UX & UI improvements

  • In SQL Editor, we fixed an issue that caused the missing name when picking a chart type.
  • Improved some edge cases’ error messages when connecting Data Sources.
  • We removed an error that caused refreshing the page when you press enter in User Attribute.
  • Improved various UI issues & interaction of our dropdown list, icon & loading message.
  • Our Help Center sidebar layout now stays at the same level as our App Header.
  • And… you may have noticed, we’ve changed the favicon logo of our website to the dark version :first_quarter_moon:

Along with other bunches of fix and polish. Thanks to everyone who sent us feedback, reported bugs and helped us improve Holistics for you. See you next month! :wave: