🍬 2023 November UX roundup

Hi community,

We hope you had a fantastic Halloween! This month, we’re excited to bring several enhancements that will elevate your experience. Let’s dive right in and explore them together!


  • We improved the text alignment on the Embedded Analytics page to make it easier to read.

  • We made a small improvement in the SFTP destination file path input

  • The refresh function has been removed from text widgets.

  • Clicking on an empty folder in the left sidebar while creating a new report will no longer close the select dropdown.


  • We have made a small enhancement in AML GUI mode that improves the clarity of the collapsible state, making it easier to understand.

  • The extra gap between the setting button and the select dropdown in the navigation bar has been removed.

  • We fixed the broken layout of the onboarding welcome screen.

General UX & UI enhancements

  • We have handled showing special characters in the filter value tooltip.

  • To enhance readability, we have standardized the header of the Filter modal to Title Case.

  • We resolved the issue where the sidebar menu on mobile would occasionally disappear while browsing dashboards.

  • We fixed the issue of icon and text misalignment in expanded widgets across various browsers.

That wraps up this month’s updates. We value your feedback and suggestions to help us enhance Holistics further. Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us. Thank you for being a part of our journey, and we’ll see you again next month! :tada: