2023 Jan & December UX Roundup

:santa: Hohoholistics!

Santa Claus is coming real soon and we’re excited to share some UX improvements in our app last month!


  • We removed another redundant sort function in the AML table.
  • We fixed the bug that made the ... buttons misaligned in the AML table.


  • We updated the point map’s description popover with additional information.

  • Overflow text in fields’ popover in the Visualizations panel now wraps correctly.

  • We fixed a bug that made the Dataset View hidden in the Report Editor.

  • The Fields’ Labels were displayed incorrectly when removing the Custom Label. We fixed the issue.

General UX & UI improvements

More enhancements are coming but that’s it for this month. Thank you for sending us feedback, reporting bugs, and helping us build a better product. See you next month!