User-driven filtering

Hey all,
We’re currently considering holistics as a platform and wondering if someone can tell me how to do something. As we want to protect our user data as much as possible, in our current tool we use the BI tool active user’s email address to filter out records to only those where the user is the account manager. Something like

case when user_email() = account_manager_email
  then customer_name
  else 'ANONYMIZED' end as customer_name

Is there a way to do something like this in holistics? Or something on the roadmap? I didn’t see any end-user variables in the docs.


Hi @wintersrd, sorry for this late reply, and also sorry for not sharing about this feature publicly.

The short answer is yes. We are working on Row-based permission control that lets you limit access to certain data based on the user’s log-in information.

We’ve prepared a draft doc for you to get an overview of the concept and how it works in Holistics.
Please check it out here: Row-based permission public doc

Please let me know if you have any question!

Hi @tuan.nguyen, super helpful! Thanks!

Wonderful! Hopefully we’ll see you in the trial!