URL Filter Parameters to filter a dashboard dynamically right away

Hi all,

A feature suggestion I would like to put forward is the ability to pass in a filter value in the URL.

I would imagine this to be something like:

This way you can launch a Holistics dashboard from another app, or provide a link to your users so they can jump right into a dashboard with context, rather than having to apply their own filters time after time.

This may feed into the existing feature request:

But I wanted to ensure this was raised and taken into account, especially if different.

Hi @DataGeekDude
Interesting. I think this one is most likely covered by the feature request:

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Thanks Abdel, however I think it isn’t fully covered as you wouldn’t want to create a view ahead of time on a dashboard, but allow that to be dynamic and be pushed in by an external system. Lots of BI tools allow this, even Google Data Studio provides this ability.

I wouldn’t want our users to have to go into Holistics to create a view with it’s own configuration etc. and then save the URL, that defeats the purpose of it being dynamic as far as I can see.

However, I may be reading the above link slightly wrong and this is what is intended.

@Khai_To Sorry for the direct tag on this one, but I am currently getting asked quite regularly on this functionality.

The main reason for us to have this is to “embed” links in other tools and allow those links to be opened with context i.e. our support/coaching team opening a link for one of our members pre-filtered via a URL parameter linked to a filter. This means they can open several tabs at the same time, just by clicking on a link, and getting the information right away.

There are many other reasons but this is the latest one which has been requested and at the moment we are looking to implement this in Google Data Studio instead, which does support this functionality :sob:

Hi @DataGeekDude,

Totally understand your use case and concern.
For now, all the filter value applied in the dashboard cannot be controlled via the URL but there are 2 options that I have thought of after the discussion with my engineering team

Option 1 (Not supported yet): We can expose the API for you to build filter URL parameter (the fstate param). Since this is not supported yet, we will consider this as a feature request and need to add to backlog for prioritization. I will check the ETA with team but it could be at around 3-4 weeks.

Option 2 (Workaround): You can generate the Embed Link for this use case. This option might require more effort from your side. Also, the embed links currently are not able to handle too many settings so if your dashboard has vast amount of filters, this option might not work.

What do you think? Which option will suit you?

Hi Khai,

Thanks for the reply and detailed info.

We would like to put in the feature request for the fstate param please. I believe this would be the best solution and open up a great deal of flexibility in Holistics.


Also, is it possible to get more details on what and how the fstate param would work? i.e. if you want to build a URL dynamically, how would that work?

Hi @DataGeekDude,

You can refer to our drafted API definition below:



  • fstate value

Then to construct the URL:
https://secure.holistics.io/dashboards/ <holistics_dashboard_version>/<dashboard_id>?fstate=<fstate_value_returned_by_api>

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That would be great! I think this would work great for us

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