Updating model references across all reports when pushing to production

As part of our development, we needed to update the name of one of the models in a dataset.
I have not changed any of the fields in the model and the relationship in the dataset is the same.

This broke all the reports using the dataset because all field references became invalid.

I think adding the same type of support for updating model references across the system as you do for datasets would help to make development much easier.
Being able to update field references across the system would be a logical next step after updating the model name across the system.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the suggestion! I’ve added this to our team’s backlog for further research and discussion.

I will let you know when there’s any news regarding the feature :smiley:

Hi @mabr ,

Thank you for sharing the use case.
We do understand the issue of managing reporting and modeling in 2 different environments (production and development) would be extremely difficult. In fact, if you accidentally break something in modeling (development area), you cannot validate it before deploying it to production.

To solve this, as you suggested, we need to have a mechanism to update field and model reference across reporting items (like what we’re doing with dataset mapping).

In fact, we’re working on a more scalable solution which is Dashboard as-code. Basically, you can define your dashboard (plus reports, filters, etc.) in the development area and do the validation before deploying to production. By doing this, there will be 0 downtimes for your business users using the reports. Also, you can apply version control and data governance to your dashboard and reports (same with what you have done with models and datasets).

I will let you know when we have an update on this. Do let us know if you have any questions.


That sounds like a solid solution - Looking forward to see the solution in the future

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