Sunburst Visualization

As I look at other BI/Analytics products, I have seen several that include a Sunburst visualization. I found this to be an interesting tool for following a trail of breadcrumbs in a visual way. For example, percent of sales by territory, starting at the inner ring (zone), then region, then country, then metropolitan area, just by hovering with my mouse.

Is this on the roadmap in Holistics?


Hi Mark

Thanks for your suggestion, this visualization is quite interesting and useful, it wasn’t on our roadmap but now it is!

I had a chance to try it out in another product this week, and I could immediately see the utility of it for sales analysis: not intended for a “deep dive,” but for a quick view I could see it being popular among executives.

Thanks for listening!


You are welcome, really appreciate your elaboration, we will update you if there is any progress on this!

This feature is supported in Custom charts and chart customizations

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