SQL Server support

Hey there, just wanted to let you know you have SQL Server support for export right next to your hand.

I just took the PostgreSQL and replaced SERIAL by INT IDENTITY(1, 1) and it worked :slight_smile:

I was using [pk], [not null], [autoincrement] and [unique]

Thanks for your suggestion. We’ll certainly take note of this!

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Hi - The short question: how can I use dbdiagram to make MSSQL ERDs? I am seeking information about SQL Server support for Import - specifically I need to make a set of ERDs for a large project that is MSSQL - I have used SSMS a lot but, Visio a little, and am just now trying Redgate. Coworkers have said they were able to use dbdocs to generate DBML and I have “requested early access” but not gotten a reply. Please advise.

Hi @bonjarno,
The DBDiagram community had been moved to https://community.dbdiagram.io/, kindly re-post your question so the team can support you better.