Questions ref Export to Azure Storage

Hi, I have a client request to run a scheduled report, and save the report to Azure Blob storage.

  1. I can see that there is an integration for Azuere storage, but can this support export of the pdf report? The documentation only references data exports, but not sure if that’s just the example given or a limitation of the integration.

  2. When I try to setup a connection, I can’t select the ‘Connection Type’ - should I be able to?

Edit: I managed to create and save a connection without populating ‘Connection Type’, but I don’t have an option to use this for scheduled exports.

Hi David,

Thank you for posting the question!

Please find my answers below.

1. ADLS2 Data Schedules

Currently, ADLS2 Data Schedules only supports exporting CSV or XLSX files (ref).

On the other hand, currently, Holistics only supports this feature in versions 2.0, 2.5, and 2.7 (ref), where we support Standalone Reports (ref).

Let me forward this post to my Product team to consider treating this as a Feature Request.

2. ADLS2 Connection UI issue

Thank you for reporting this. It is indeed an issue from our side. We have taken note of it and will try to fix it soon! Sorry for any inconvenience it might have caused.


thank you for replying @datbth ,

So if I’m on v4.0, does that mean this feature has been taken out? (I did read the note about v 2.0/2.5/2.7, but given it also states ‘3.0’ is the latest version, I thought that this may have been out of date info)


Hi @david-ri,

Thanks a lot for sharing your context!

Unfortunately, ADLS2 Data schedule for 4.0 is unavailable.

As you may have known, from Holistics 3.0 forward we’ve deprecated the Standalone reports, which support this feature. And so far such a feature hasn’t been extended it to Widget reports, as we are focusing our resource in as-code analytics functionalities.

That said, I definitely got your case now. I have added it to our backlog for later improvement. Let me reach out when there’s an update.

In the meantime, I hope that other Schedule capabilities can provide possible workarounds for now. Do let me know should you need further assistance.

P.s. My apologies for the confusion in the doc, since it missed the Holistics 4.0 as the newest in-beta version. Our team is actively updating the doc for better transparency. Lots of thanks! :pray:t2: