Performance issues w/Snowflake

I’m curious if anyone has seen performance issues using holistics, specifically with Snowflake. I’ve got a medium sized warehouse processing snowflake’s side and static tables now instead of views for holistics to pull from. It’s still a large number of records but the initial load in holistics takes 10-20 seconds maybe. I’m wondering if there’s a way to pre-cache or if anyone has performance advice because these we’re testing with Holistics are our smallest data sets we’ll be using.

Hi @sm_mk,

We have a thread here to discuss Query Performance with Snowflake < Slow loading time in Holistics, compared to Snowflake Web UI (and BigQuery UI) - Ask the Community - Holistics Community>

Could you refer to the thread and let me know if it’s answered your question?


The thread answers the question a bit yes but it doesn’t help resolve the issue. I guess I need to trim down the amount of results that come back but that negates some of the abilities I thought holistics helped to provide. For example, say I have 20 clients, I want to build a single dashboard for all of them and just utilize the RLS to allow each customer access to their data only. Any changes to the dashboard is made once instead of 20 times if they all had separate dashboards. That means my dataset will be 20 times larger though which is probably not helping my performance issue. So let me ask another way…is there a simple way to redirect the entire dashboard to another table with a different name or some other recommended process for these types of scenarios?

Hi @sm_mk,
Since there are many reasons causing the slow loading, we need to dig deeper into each case.
If you find it take time to initially run the table/dataset/dashboard, please help collect that underperforming job on the Job Monitoring page and share them with us via [email protected]. Then we will carry out some thorough analysis on the Job logs in order to decide the proper solution for your case :blush: