Launch: Relationship Diagram for Holistics As-Code

Hi all!

We are delighted to launch Relationship Diagram - a new approach for you to manage and work with relationships in Holistics As-Code. Relationship Diagram is a powerful feature designed to provide you with a visualized representation of connections, streamlining your workflow and bringing a new level of clarity to your data.


We understand that the current approach, using tables to represent relationships, can be overwhelming to grasp a holistic view of connections among models. That’s why we have developed Relationship Diagram, which offers several significant visual benefits compared to the traditional table format.

How it works

Follow these simple steps to get started with Relationship Diagram:

  • Step 1: Access the feature by getting inside the dataset file, scroll down to the “Relationships” section, and switch to the tab “Diagram”
  • Step 2: Create relationships between two models by clicking and dragging from one table’s field to another table’s field (please make sure the Development mode is on)
  • Step 3: Edit relationships or troubleshooting errors by switching back to the tab “List”

Improvements We are Considering

  • Ability to edit relationships directly from the diagram
  • Save tables position
  • Collapse/expand unused fields
  • Enlarge diagram view
  • Smarter tables positioning for readability and display