Import table use architect rename instead of drop table

I am using holistics for import table from posgresql to postgresql, but current flow swapping of hl using drop table, that acquire lock table, and many query was blocked in that moment, i want to ask

  • May be have mechanism swap table use rename table instead drop table?
  • If cannot use rename table for swap, has something like trigger when import done?

Hi @namnguyen1 ,

Can I ask more about the context on this one?

  • How often do you run this import, is it scheduled to run during office hours when there‚Äôre many analytics queries arrived at your database?
  • How large is this import? I guess the current import is using the full mode, is it possible to switch this import to incremental mode instead?

Hi @namnguyen1,

Thanks for writing to our forum!

For your inquiries, it may be worthwhile to check this article to learn more about long-running Hotswap jobs in Holistics and how to resolve them.