How do I get avatar link to an HTML string in buisness calculation field?

I have a avatar link for users. In the data modelling I create new custom field dimension with

“<img src={{ #THIS.avatar_url }}>” and called the field avatar_link_html

But when I go back to my report table and add that dimension to the field the resulting string is “<img src={{ avatar_url }}>”.

When I change the field type to HTML its obviously broken. How do I do this?

Hi jk,

Could you try to using SQL concatenation operator in the custom dimension formula to see if it works? For example:

The formula in the dimension:
'<img src="' || {{ #THIS.avatar_url }} || '"/>'

Let’s try this out and let me know if you need any further assistance.


This worked thank you.

So what SQL does this support? My data is stored in Bigquery but I notice hollistics doesnt support BQ syntax or SQL server or just normal SQL in general.

For example Im trying to calculate the timestamp difference between two timestamps: CURRENT_DATE - created_at (in DAYS). In BQ its easy enough TIMESTAMP_DIFF(current_timestamp() - created_at, DAY)

How would I do this in hollistics?

I see the now() function listed in your documentation throws an error when i try to do a custom buisness calculation.

We currently don’t support any type of time operator in Business Calculation. You should use the Custom Dimension for such use cases.