Holistics 3.0 Private Beta - Info

Welcome to Holistics 3.0 Beta discussion forum. Please use this forum to ask questions related to our Private Beta launch of Holistics 3.0

What is Holistics 3.0, you ask?

It is our major upgrade of Holistics platform. Holistics 3.0 provides a business logic layer for you to easily manage and define the data models, metrics and measures across your organisation. This will allow you to easily build:

  • Reusable data models and metric definitions
  • Data catalog and dictionary
  • Database diagrams
  • Data lineage visibility (freshness of data/ETL)
  • Building joins without writing SQL
  • Much more!

How can I enroll in Holistics 3.0?

You will need to be an existing customer of Holistics, then please reach out to us to get enrolled.