Hide widget on dashboard if it has no data

It would make certain dashboards look neater if widgets were hidden if they have no data.

Hi @Alex_H Thank you for your feedback!

My concern is that hiding widgets with no data can cause the bad experience to our end-users, particularly when they constantly change the filters and some return no matching data.

For example:

  • I have a dashboard with two widgets A and B.
  • When I filter my dashboard with value X, widget A is hidden because it returns “No data”. However, when I change the filter to value Y, this widget appears because it has data.

As a user, in this case, I might be confused because I don’t understand why my widget is constantly hidden / shown. Additionally, I believe that the “no data” widgets are still helpful to some people (like me) in some special cases.

btw, I believe that it can be a helpful feature someway, and we will wait for more use cases from other customers before making decisions :blush: