Filters as Slicers

Could we get the option to add our filters as a slicer, rather than just a drop-down?

This might be either as a dedicated ‘pane’, much like the existing filter pane (ps, can we make an option to ‘sticky’ that expanded?), or as a moveable object we can add to our dashboard.

Doing this will just encourage a little bit more interactivity from the user, whereas it currently feels a little tucked away

I also really like how Looker handles a ‘filtering’ pane, with allowing you to add button and tick boxes for your filters…


Ahhh gotta say Looker’s filter customizability is really inspiring to me (and our team), too. Could you share the use case for the slicer and also the “movable filter pane”?

I feel the main use cases for the slicers are;

  • Make it clearer to the audience that there is a key dimension they may wish to filter on / toggle
  • Add additional visual cues to the user to encourage engagement with the data, beyond just opening it up and looking at the initial results.

As for moveable filter pane - again it’s just about providing some alternative layouts which better aids user engagement

Hi David,

Ah, I got you there. It’s all about user engagement innit? Slicers, buttons, placements are all different ways to attract our viewers’ attention.

We’re currently working on some filter revamp projects right now, let me see if I can incorporate your request in the projects.

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Hi @tuan.nguyen,

While you’re talking about filter revamp, it might be worth looking at taking into consideration also More Control on Dashboard Date Filters - #6 by Abdel

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Filtering with tick boxed would indeed bring more interactivity

@david-ri when you talk about Slicers, are you addressing the current limitation of filters that all of them are multi-select? While in some cases you might want to let users only interact with a Single-Select (radio button) filter?

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Thanks Abdel, will do!