Export option id disabled

Hello Team,
I have created a new Canvas Dashboard and put inside of it a Chart and table … When I tried to export the table the export button was disabled … What is the cases that I will face this issue


Thank You

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Hi @Hamza_rashed,

Thank you for reaching out! We’re excited to see you’re using Canvas Dashboard.

Regarding the export functionalities, it’s an expected behavior as we haven’t supported Export in Canvas Dashboard yet. Please rest assured that the feature is under active development and we’ll let you know as soon as it’s available.

:point_right: Stay tuned to more updates on Canvas Dashboard here: [Closed Beta] Introducing Canvas Dashboard!

Thank you … I will keep waiting this because we need it

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Please any updates here … My team need this


Hi @Hamza_rashed,

Thank you for your patience!

Here’s a few updates on Export in Canvas Dashboard:

  • Ability to export the entire Canvas Dashboard as PNG/PDF is available this week
  • Ability to export individual visualizations is coming next month

In the meantime, I have some workarounds if you still want to export visualizations:

Option 1: Go to Explore data > Download data

Note: This option is only availble to Admins, Analysts, and Explorers.

Option 2: Go to Explore data > Export Chart

Note: This option is only availble to some visualizations.

Hope this helps!

I need this one " Ability to export individual visualizations is coming next month"
using it I can export the individual visualizations like the tables from the Canvas Dashboard right ? When this can be released ? During this month right ? Please my team need this as soon as posible


Hi @Hamza_rashed,

Thank you for getting back to us again!

We’re pleased to inform you that this functionality is planned for inclusion in the next release, which is tentatively scheduled for next week. We will provide a further update once the feature is officially available.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions in the meantime.

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Hi @Toan_Lam_Thien
I see the export option activated now and the report has been downloded successfully. But when I click on any part of the chart the report will filtering based on the chart filter. So when I tried to export the report it pulled with all data not the data that I got after the filter

Can we fix that please

Hi @Hamza_rashed,

Thank you for getting back to us again!

We haven’t implemented export after filtering functionality just yet. However, we’ve passed your request along to our product team for consideration. We’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we have any updates.

Hope this information is useful!

Best regards,

@Theodore_NT - @Toan_Lam_Thien

Thank You.
Please can I have a time on when this can be done. I need to pull the report after filtering using the chart, as mentioned earlier.
Please give me a time on this