Dynamic Date Condition


Is it possible to adapt the conditions of date filters, so that TODAY() is a dynamic field that changes when the visualisation is refreshed? Please see an example below:

  • I have a list of appointments for different staff, that I want to see in a bar chart.
  • I don’t want the bar chart to include appointments in the future, as I want the focus to be what has actually happened
  • I can use a condition of appointment_date before TODAY
  • When I refresh the data the following day, it will have previous date as the condition, rather than current date


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Hi Ben,

Yes, you can certainly achieve the goal:

  • In the filter, please use the operator “Matches”
  • Then in the text box, please fill in “beginning until today” and it shall work fine!

Please let me know if this helps!

Perfect Tuan,

That has worked perfectly.


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@tuan.nguyen Thanks for the answer, we’ve been running into the same question.

It would be nice if you could set a dynamic today() on other operators as well. For example being able to set “before today” or “after today”. Being able to use those operators would be great, and is also what we tried to implement before reading this suggestion.


Thanks Daam, well noted! Let me pass this over to the Product team!