Diff between AML and database tables

We can use Holistics to generate a template of AML for a data model by inspecting a database table. However, that only works when originally setting up the AML model. When we add or remove fields from the database table, we have to know exactly which fields to modify. It would be great if there was a tool that could allow us to compare an existing AML model with a database table so we could look for differences and determine if we need to add or remove fields from the model.

Or even be proactive, with a warning or something saying that the table the model is based on has new fields that are not listed in the AML definition. That way, engineers and analysts that are unaware of new fields can add them if required.


Hi @SterlingParamoreMSE and @DataGeekDude,

Thanks for sharing the use case and I think it totally makes sense for our modeling layer to reflect the changes in the underlying database table.

We’re actually working on the feature about refreshing the model structure to get the new columns from database table and append them to the current list of dimensions. I will let you know when there is an update.
However, at the time being, we haven’t dealt with removed/deleted columns so if your underlying columns are deleted, they still persist in the model as dimensions. I will have to note this down for future improvement.