Development report filters

I’m having some trouble with building reports where I expect to have dashboard level filters. When I’m developing the report, I usually want to develop it with a few filters on it so I can see what the report would look like with the filters applied. For example, if I’m developing a report where I expect the user to filter based on product name, then when I’m building the report I might choose a representative product to filter, instead of just getting all products in my report. However, if I save that report, then those report-level filters are used in conjunction with the dashboard-level filters. I often forget to remove my development filters before saving, which can break the dashboard.

Ideally, during report development, I’d be able to mark a filter as “development”, which wouldn’t be applied when it’s on the dashboard.

I’d say that if a filter is present at a dashboard level, it should always apply as seen in the dashboard, overriding any report level filters. Not having those aligned is misleading.

That would work too. The current behavior basically does an “and” between the dashboard filter and the report filter.