Datasets usage statistic

Hi community!

As my usage of Holistics increases, I’m trying to do some cleaning in the datasets I’ve created to get rid of clutter. However, I can’t find any way to understand if a dataset is used by a chart somewhere or not. Is there a way to know that? I’m afraid of deleting a dataset that’s actually used by a chart on one of my dashboards and “break” the dashboard.

Thanks in advance for the tips

Hi @EdouardF Nice to e-meet you :blush:
At the moment, you aren’t allowed to delete any data sources / data models / datasets that are being used in Holistics. You can only delete them if they don’t have any dependencies.
So feel free to delete any dataset you want, if it is being used, we will let you know and prevent you from doing that.

p.s: You can easily delete multiple datasets with our Bulk Actions feature :wink:

Hi !

Thank you for the super fast reply. Very clear :slight_smile:

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