Dashboard Views


  • I want to save and switch between different states of a dashboard easily
  • Each person might have different needs that require different views on the same dashboard

Proposed Solution
Allow users to create views for dashboards, each view has its own configurations of filters, date drills, etc.

Another approach is Filter Groups which allows users to select a group of preset filters.

Inspirations: Notion, Coda, AirTable

This will be a helpful feature on our sales dashboard, where we have a couple of related filters we have to switch between for different time periods.


This feature will be very helpful.
Please refer to this topic for additional thoughts on it:

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Is this feature to save filters already in holistics??

Hi @hari,

Thank you for getting in touch.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any plans to implement this feature at the moment.

In the meantime, since this feature could also benefit other users, could you share with us more details about your use case and how this feature might impact you? Your feedback would be invaluable in helping us prioritize this feature.

Sure @Thinh_Nguyen_Truong.
We have multiple dashboards which ae viewed/used by people from multiple departments. lets say there is a dashboard which shows performance of all our products. A particular team will be concerned about say 4 products and they want these 4 products as default. But when another team uses the same dashboard, they want a different set of products as default. This goes with all the filters we use in that particular dashboard. I know that we can give row level permission to user groups to achieve this, but in our case, the dashboard has other reports which show overall performance of all the products irrespective of filter. so this would be affected if we limit row level access. So it would be helpful if we can create a drop down with set of filters, So that the user group can pick the filter they want. Say filter_offline will set the filter date to last month, and show products sold in offline channels or filter_online will set the filters to date from last 3 months, and show products sold in online channel and so on

Hi @hari,

I can definitely understand why you would like to have a feature like that! I’ll definitely bring up your use case to the team so please be assured that we are also actively looking into it.

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