Dashboard Usage Statistics Question


I am the new Product Manager Data Warehouse & BI at our company and new to holistics.io, which we use for dashboarding.

To get an overview which of the lots of dashboards my team developed in the past are really in use, I would need sth. like an overview of how often each dashboard was opened lately (ideally by which user and including a usage trend of the last year).

Is this or sth similar possible in holistics?

Thanks alot for any help,

Hi Peter,

Currently we haven’t had any feature to monitor dashboard usages as you mentioned. However, would you like to share more details about your case, and what does your ideal solution look like?


thanks for the answer and I am happy to share more details. My use case is twofold:

We are having hundreds of dashboards and it is quite hard and time-consuming to keep them all up and running. Just a normal maintenance trap which consumes more and more time.
If we had an overview that half of the dashboards are not used at all, we could simply remove them and concentrate on the used dashboards, freeing us time for other tasks than mere dashboard maintenance.

An important performance KPI of my analyst team is how much value we are providing to the company. This value is broken down to dashboard usages. The more a dashboard is used in our company, the more value it obviously provides. The more of those valuable dashboards we create, the better we are performing.
If we had an overview on the number of usages by dashboard, we can track this number and see an evolution over time and measure how much value we are providing for our users.

Solution idea:
There is already a page for jobs monitoring and activity log. I could imagine an additional menu item for dashboard (and report) usages with the possibility to select a time range, maybe a filter/search possibility to restrict the results. If there would be a simple list of dashboards and corresponding usages with timestamp and user, together with an export possibility to csv… that would already be great!

Thanks alot,