Dashboard lazy-loading: Do not run dashboard on first load

Sometimes I build a big dashboard for lookup purpose (e.g show all stats for a particular user X). Users should first select/set some dropdown/text value before they can click “Submit” to see the data.

Right now on default load all the widgets are run, this is quite wasteful and also reduce load time.

The current workaround is to set the value to some dummy value so that the queries return zero data. Still it’s not ideal.

Will be great to have a dashboard’s option that says something like “Lazy loading: Do not run dashboards on first/default load” or something, so that users need to deliberately click “Submit”.

this would prevent ‘spamming’ the job queue when you’re browsing a bunch of dashboards looking for a specific one.

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2nd this one. I’m using one table list as a sort of slicer so that other widgets will show data once a row is selected. Have those widgets not run on load would help avoid setting fake initial values.


Interesting @sm_mk . But if the entire dashboard is not run on first load, then your table list won’t be displayed either?

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Good point. Maybe an option to check/uncheck if particular widgets run on first load for my scenario. Either that or add slicers :grin:

@sm_mk Could you share more about the “Slicer” concept and your current use case? I am assuming you are referring to the same concept in PowerBI?

I think Mike is referring to this one? Filters as Slicers

Nah I think with this description, he’s referring to this: Slicers in Power BI - Power BI | Microsoft Docs