Dashboard As-Code

Is there any plan about “Dashboard As Code” ?

e.g. How to configure Grafana as code | Grafana Labs

This is definitely something the Holistics team have indicated they’re working on a few times, so sounds like it’s in the works - but I’ve not seen any firm communication on it.

However, if you take a look at this recent post made by the team about the next iteration of AML, and you’re happy to ‘read between the lines’, they’ve included a screenshot which does hint that they’re using aml for creating/storing dashboards :slight_smile:


This is something that we’re discussing internally.

Could you share:

  • How are you currently managing your dashboard
  • What problems are you having with your dashboard management workflow?

Hi @Khai_To

Are there any plans to extend the current AML to also support Dashboards and Reports, so that all of the work done in Holistics is rebuildable from source control?